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Las Vegas, Nev. – Seatronx, manufacturer, distributor and designer of the finest rugged electronics catering specifically to the military, maritime and industrial markets, announced today the launch of the sunlight-readable RRD-19T River Radar Display designed for river-based commercial vessels. “Seatronx prides itself on producing the highest quality rugged... Read more

Blackbox Military Trackball Navigation – Back and Better Than Ever!

The F50 Series trackball module is a high specification human interface device designed to operate in extremely demanding environments where reliability and robustness are essential. The module is supplied with three integrated switches which provide the conventional left, middle and right button functionality found in commercial trackballs/mice. Alternatively,... Read more

Introducing the New VSRT 7″ Marine Display Command Control

The VSRT 7″ Command Control allows operation of multiple displays from a single pre-programmed 7″ touchscreen display. Using one touch commands simply power on, adjust your brightness and select your video inputs for all your displays. Quickly change your brightness to optimize viewing in bright or dark light... Read more

The new SRT and VSRT series uses the latest filtering technology to eliminate any polarization effects.

Polarized glasses… No problem. Wearing polarized glasses at the helm can be annoying or even risky when viewing industrial displays on the bridge. The reason is light particles or photons bounce off reflective surfaces and travel in various directions. Polarized sunglasses absorb and filter this reflection into one... Read more

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