Heavy Equipment Camera Systems

Seatronx is proud to be a distributor for Orlaco Specialized Camera Systems.

Orlaco camera systems for earthmoving, agricultural and mining machines provide the ideal vision solution for any type of machine, increasing vehicle safety. Efficiency and innovation are essential to ensure that earthmoving machines can be used sustainably. What’s more, they need to maintain high productivity, and good visibility is crucial for this. We develop high-quality professional vision solutions for every situation, with the aim to increase safety, efficiency and comfort.

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Camera Systems for Earthmoving Machines

In Orlaco’s view, there should always be optimum visibility around all earthmoving machines. Orlaco works closely with OEMs across the world to integrate camera monitor systems. In addition, Orlaco develops and manufactures standard and custom vision solutions specifically for the aftermarket. Our camera monitor systems are developed and produced according to the highest quality standards. Specifically, we comply with international automotive standards such as IATF 16949 and work with proven automotive methods such as APQP/PPAP. Our products are robust, compact, dust and waterproof (in line with IP68 and IP69K), are resistant to extremely low and high temperatures, have high shock and vibration resistance and meet the highest EMC requirements.

Rear view

With an Orlaco rear-view camera on your machine, you gain a better view of the working area to the rear of the machine and drive more safely when reversing. The monitor in the cab automatically switches to the rear view when reverse gear is engaged. You can also set continuous or manual operation. The rear-view camera system can be fitted to any earthmoving machine.

Tool view

A tool view camera offers a better view of your machine’s tool and lets you work far more efficiently. Your digging work will also be faster and more effective when using a tool view camera, as the system helps with loading, lifting and unloading materials. What’s more, if a video cable can’t be installed, a wireless video connection can be used for the system instead.

Side view

When maneuvering and turning, the driver’s vision to the side of the machine is limited. Orlaco’s side-view camera makes the area immediately next to the machine visible. The camera system makes each maneuvers safer, more efficient and more comfortable, ensuring that obstacles and people are always clearly visible. This camera monitor system can also be combined with our rear-view camera to optimize vision even further.


With a camera combined with RadarEye on your machine, you can always drive more safely. This camera system is equipped with sensors that immediately warn you of dangerous situations via sound signals and graphic overlays. The Orlaco RadarEye system can be enhanced with multiple sensors, for example to detect hazardous areas around the machine.

Front view

With our front-view camera, you always have a clear view of what’s going on in front of the machine. The bucket on a wheel loader, for example, blocks your view, making it more difficult to see the area in front of the machine. The front-view camera looks past these blockages, providing a wide view of the machine’s surroundings and allowing you to prevent collisions and work more efficiently.


The Orlaco SurroundView system offers you a 360° overview around the machine without any delay. As the images are not merged using software, everything around the machine remains visible without any blurry, distorted overlaps. The images can be displayed in various layouts, which can be switched based on the direction indicators and/or vehicle speed. People and objects in the vicinity of the vehicle are therefore always shown in real time.


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