IND-RDU1 Rack Drawer Display Series

The 15”, 17” and 19” Seatronx IND-RDU1 rugged industrial rack drawer display series is equipped with a built-in keyboard and KVM switching with built-in Slide Rails and Telescoping Arms.

Configurable to thousands of options, the new Seatronx IND-1URD series allows for your choice of display size and resolution, keyboard option, KVM switching, controller and front face choices all at an amazing cost. Mil Spec options available.


  • Rugged Folding Clamshell Design
  • Light Weight Aluminum Construction
  • Flexible Keyboard & Pointer Options
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Limited KVM Options Available
  • Mounts in Standard 19″ Rack
  • Fits Cabinets Depths from 17″-25″
  • Built-in Slide Rails w/Telescoping Arms

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