Seatronx Process Meter

Featuring an acclaimed easy-to-read display and a versatile set of inputs, the Process Meter takes the APM into a wide range of new industrial applications.

The programmable scale and custom annunciators mean users can tailor the meter to display their critical parameters exactly how they want, while the dynamic backlighting, in conjunction with setpoints, means operators are visually alerted when a parameter is out of range. The two outputs can be used to control other systems in the process, meaning the APM Process Meter is much more than just a display.

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Large multi-format display that incorporates:

  • 40 segment bar graph display
  • Large 4-digit display
  • Separate Starburst display area for annunciators, custom messages and alarm information
  • Dynamic backlight color


  • Display Range (Both Min & Max Values)
  • Custom annunciators
  • User-selectable backlight color and intensity
  •  Two independent alarm set-points
  • Two independent outputs
  • 4-20mA analog retransmission output


  • User-adjustable backlight brightness and color
  • Large display
  • Wide viewing angle (horizontal and vertical)
  • Custom annunciators

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